Parenthood is a new stage of life – sometimes wonderful and sometimes frustrating and new! Learning about basic care for yourself, your baby and your family and how to find other resources can help make all the difference! Think beyond the big day, and prepare for the many days and months after baby’s arrival!

Adoptive Baby Care
Baby Care
Big Brother, Big Sister
Buying for Baby
Especially for Fathers
Grandparenting the Next Generation
Helping Your Child Adjust
Loving Hands, Calming Baby
Old Pet, New Baby: Introducing Baby to Rover
Sleep Like a Baby
Twins, Triplets and More

A variety of interactive and supportive classes focused on new parents sharing and learning together.


  • Baby and You for Moms
  • Daddies and Babies
  • Feeding Your Baby
  • For Parents with Picky Eaters
  • Infant Massage
  • Sleep Workshop for Tired Parents
  • Nutrition for New Moms

Join Registered Dietitians from Alberta Health Services for these free classes on infant feeding, toddler eating and nutrition for mom!

  • Nutrition for New Moms
  • Feeding Your Baby
  • Mealtime Struggles for Mealtime Success
  • For Parents with Picky Eaters

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